Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spicy Red Chicken

Recipe from Chef Wan of AFC

6 Tbsp / 3 fl oz Vegetable Oil
2 Cinnamon Bark (Kulit Kayu Manis)
4 pieces Cloves
4 pieces Cardamoms
125 ml / 4 fl oz water
1 kg / 2 pounds / 3 oz Chicken, cut into 12 pieces
125 g / 4 fl oz Raisins, finely chopped
250 ml / 8 fl oz Tomato Ketchup (Tomato Sauce)
3 Tbsp / 1 ½ fl oz Honey
3 Lemongrass (Serai), slightly bruised
1cm / ½ Galangal (Lengkuas or Blue Ginger), crushed
2 tsp toasted Sesame Seeds
2 Screw Pine Leaves (Daun Pandan), shredded and knotted
1 sprig Mint Leaves (Daun Pudina), roughly crushed
1 Lime (Limau Nipis)
Salt to taste

Paste Ingredients: - to be finely grounded

10 Shallots (Red Onion), peeled
2 Garlic cloves, peeled
2 cm / 1inch Ginger, peeled
1 Lemongrass (Serai)
15 pieces dried Chilies (Cili Kering) - softened in hot water, drain

Marinade Chicken with a pinch of salt, and Turmeric Powder. Deep fry Chicken together with 1 Lemongrass (Serai), 1 Screw Pine Leaves (Daun Pandan), and 1 Cinnamon Bark (Kulit Kayu Manis). Drain and set aside.

Heat Oil in a wok; add in remainong Cinnamon Bark, Cloves and Cardamoms. Stir-fry until fragrant.

Add in Galangal, Raisins, Tomato Sauce and Honey. Then, add in the Chicken and salt. Simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Lastly add in crushed Mint Leaves, Lime Juice and toasted Sesame Seeds.
Dish onto a serving plate. Sprinkle toasted Sesame Seeds for garnish.

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