Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pizza everyone's favourite.......Oh what a day !!!!

Alya has been asking me to do pizza since last week. Well today I decided to make pepperoni pizza for dinner. The other half was attending a wedding with the girls so I was left with the twins. After I ON the breadmaker  the three of us went out to buy toppings for the pizza and also to buy Ultraman DVD for Ahmad Dani. When we left the sun was shining so bright so I did not bring in the clothes.I couldn't find the parking nearby the supermarket so I have to park the car a bit far. First we went to buy the DVD (or otherwise you can't peacefully do the shopping !) I keep on looking at the watch as I was doing the shopping I need to go back within 1 1/2 hr (The dough will be ready by then). Guess what.? the most important ingredients was out of stock so I bought sausages instead. As we were about to exit the supermarket the rain was pouring so heavily....oh NO! and there was no way the three of us were able to get in the car without soaking. After about 1/2 hour the rain was finally stopped...Thank God. When we reached home, the other half was already back with the girls......the clothes were all wet and I couldn't care ...went straight to the kitchen.take out the dough, preparing for the toppings and cook the pizzas.

The pizzas were ready at 6p.m we had our dinner,cleaned the kitchen...and now I have to pack my clothes as I am catching the train tonight for work......hope the other half can cope with the kids..all the best to him:)))

The recipe for the dough is here .
as for the sauce I used ready made pasta sauce.

The above pictures was our pizza...the toppings were sliced meatballs, (boiled1st) sausages, (boiled 1st) capsicum and button mushroom.
Whereas the children's pizza was this one..........the toppings were, sausages, meatballs, crab sticks and mushrooms....and of course they assemled it themselves :))))

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