Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bubur chacha

This is requested by my second daughter, Aina...I made this after the soto was cooked intending to serve this for tea but Aina was already waiting in the kitchen staring at the pot and keep on asking me...when the bubur is ready? so there you are can have it for lunch...hehehehe :)


200 gm ready made Chacha...
100 ml of coconut milk...I use half box of santan Harmuni
1     'gula melaka'
1    teaspoon of salt
2    screwpine leaves @ daun pandan
sugar....only if you need


Boil the chacha until it is almost soft
Add in 'gula melaka' stir until it is dissolved
Then add in 'daun pandan', salt, the coconut milk and sugar
Cook until the chacha is soft and the coconut milk is cooked.
It can be served either hot or cold.

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