Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rich Cocoa Pudding............HOT !..HOT !...HOT!

Hot !...Hot!...Hot!....hahahhaaa we just had durian. Having durian at this hour with this temperature is...INSANE! Well no one force us to do that.....Actually after breakfast we went out to send my car for service....while waiting for the car we ronda2 and saw durian sellers and we bought some hehheheee. We came back had the durians for lunch brilliant !!!!! We couldn't finish all the durian, the leftover .....I made 'tempoyak' and the other potion am going to make some 'kuah Durian' (which I dunno when ?)...and we still have 3 durians left. We also bought some mangosteen a  friend told me that we should have mangosteen after durian to balance it ....sort of heaty and cold type of fruits........not sure the truth of this! I'll post the pic later...but right now this Cocoa Pudding which I made earlier while making the curry mee this morning. I think you can just eat the cocoa pudding even without the cocktail .........that's itself is delicious and so chocolatey. This definetly will cool us down.........:))

The recipe from Mat Gebu 

4 1/4 cups water
1/2    cup cocoa powder, sifted
1       cup sugar
1/2    cup milk powder, sifted
1/2    tsp salt
4       Tbsp corn flour
1/2    tsp vanilla essence
10     g jelly powder
3       Tbsp butter


  1. Place all the ingredients except for the butter in a pot and mix by using whisker until well combined. Cook over low heat continuosly stirring until thicken..
  2. Once thicken remove from and add in the butter. Stir until well combined..Transfer to the mould and let it cool.

***However for the cocktail sauce I made this recipe instead of Mat Gebu's recipe

1     can fruits cocktail separate the fruits and the syrup
1     can evaporated milk
1     can water (use the fruits cocktail can as a measurement)
3     Tbsp custard powder (mixed with a little bit of water)
1     screw pine leaf @ daun pandan
1     pinch salt

  1. Put the syrup, sugar, salt and pandan leaf in a pot. Bring to boil.
  2. Add in the custard, evaporated milk and the fruits cocktail.
  3. Cook over low heat continuosly stirring until thicken..Let it cool . 

Take out the cocoa pudding from the mould and spoon over the sauce on the pudding. Best serve cool.

Here is the picture the King of Fruits............and the Dayang hehheee:))))

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