Tuesday, August 2, 2011

waffle.............. shortcut, easy & guaranteed !!!!!

Heeeeheeee....... see the title.... don't believe it? well it's true very the true heeeheeee :)))))

First time using the waffle maker... teraaaaaaaaa looks yummy isn't it? Well to tell you the truth lately I'm a little bit busy I do not have time to blogging from one blog to another to find good recipe on waffle and my Alya has been asking me to make waffle I guess she is more excited than I am. So what do I do? Found a way to make waffle... quick, easy & of course as you can see it was a SUCCESS :)))) hheeeeee 

A confession to make... I used the instant pancake mixture by Nona just add water, cooking oil & an egg. I put a little bit more water than what was suggested on the box. Put the mixture in the waffle maker. Within minutes it was ready scooped an ice-cream, sprinkled some toasted almond flakes, colourful choc rice & drizzled some choc syrup..........and it's DONE !!!!

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  1. you pakai Waffle maker aper ek??? I have been wanting to get one for ages!!!!